Choosing clothes for going to the casino

When it comes to choosing clothing for women, it’s a lot easier or more complicated. It depends on how you look at it. The fact is that the dress code for women is the same as for men, only in a different way and, naturally, women have much more choice than men.

A woman is expected to wear a dress, it may even be a cocktail dress. Or choose something out of the skirts available in the wardrobe. Naturally, it should not be an ordinary skirt in which you “mop the floors”. Be that as it may, it’s easier for us women, on the one hand, but on the other, it’s much harder. After all, apart from the outfit you have to wear to the gambling establishment, you also need some sort of hairstyle, as well as shoes, accessories, manicures, pedicures, etc. All this could be talked about for hours. But we assume that you do manicure and pedicure regularly, so we will not dwell on these topics.

As for shoes, then the traditional stiletto heels are suitable, without fanaticism, or classic shoes that can complement your outfit. The only dress code requirement for a woman in a casino is that her attire is appropriate, but not casual. Shorts and old tracksuit trousers should be left for the gym, but for the gambling establishment try to wear something more formal. By the way, this is where diamonds and gold are appropriate, if you like.

What’s the right way to dress for a casino night?

If you’ve decided to visit a casino, you’ll need to learn the dress code for entering this popular and very peculiar place. For both men and women, there’s one thing you should be aware of in common, your attire should be smart and understated. Besides, it’s worth knowing that the level of the casino you want to visit also has a direct bearing on your appearance. So, if the casino is a very prestigious establishment, you should make a stricter requirement on the dress code as the casino’s attire may accentuate the exclusivity of the place. In this case, the saying “dress by dress” is very appropriate.

It should be noted that the players themselves establish the dress code in casinos, because everyone wants to look presentable, luxurious and rich… Their appearance may also help assess the credit worthiness level of the casino’s visitors.

It’s interesting to note that the casino dress code differs from one country to another. Now about this in more detail.

Dress code in European casinos

Those who’ve been to a casino in Europe are aware of the fact that the casino dress code is extremely delicate and, even more importantly, that going to a casino is a social event. So, should you decide to visit the Baden-Baden Casino or the Grand Casino in Barcelona, or the Hilton in Budapest, expect to find chic, high-status guests. Thus, men most often appear there in dinner jackets and women in chic lace and silk toilets.

Casino dress code in the USA

The casino dress code in America can’t be called too strict, as you’ll often find players wearing cowboy hats, shirts with their sleeves rolled up and jeans in the casino halls. Women, on the other hand, are often seen wearing cocktail dresses in US casinos.

Casinos dress code in oriental countries

Casinos in Oriental countries are no exaggeration to say they are peculiar. For instance, Macau casinos are set up exclusively for the elite, which is why you won’t see a casino player in plain clothes. Women at Eastern casinos always wear expensive and elegant jewellery, which enhances their image in a very harmonious way.

Features of the dress code

Women should be particularly attentive to their attire. The casino does not tolerate vulgarity. Dresses with a plunging neckline or above-knee length are not accepted here. If an outfit has a plunging neckline, it is best to wear a scarf, jacket or fur cape. Bare hands should be covered with silk or lace gloves. The handbag should also be discreet, not too small and not too big. It can be embellished with jewels, beads or expensive embroidery.

Jewellery in a high-end casino is also important. Here it is customary to wear necklaces and bracelets made of natural stones only. Normal costume jewellery will instantly give away the fact that you are a man “off the street”. For this reason, if you don’t have any real jewellery in your jewelry box, it’s best to wear a gold or silver chain, or skip the jewellery altogether.

Neat and tidy clothing plays a major role in the casino. Even the most expensive suit will not help you get into the casino if it looks dirty and untidy. What to say about shoes that are not clean. It is one of the worst offences when visiting gambling establishments.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that a strict dress code only exists in elite European and some American casinos. If you go to Las Vegas or a local casino, you’re free to wear shorts and a T-shirt and try your luck at your most comfortable.

How a girl should behave in a casino

Many first-time casino goers are disappointed, because they don’t know the rules and feel uncomfortable. What kind of fun can you have?

How to dress

Generally speaking, the best clothes you should wear when going to the casino are the most expensive, lavishly glossy symbols of luxury. The more you’re well-dressed and the more you look, the better your chances of getting past the security check and getting a fair share of attention from the casino staff.

It is advisable to dress not just expensive, but also a little tasteless. The components of your expensive attire should be somewhat out of keeping with each other.

An evening suit – classic, European – expensive tie, fancy rings, cufflinks and tie holders are welcome. You mustn’t give any appearance of being able to act. You need to create the image of a rich idiot who is only interested in money and nothing else, who dress up even with taste is not even able to properly.

Shave, wash your head and don’t you dare show up at a casino in a tracksuit and trainers. They won’t let you in anyway.

Ladies are advised to wear lavish evening gowns and as expensive jewellery as possible. Accordingly, expensive evening hairstyles are a must. The principle is the same: High glamour, evening gowns and nothing to be seen as superfluous.

How to behave

To make your first visit to a gambling establishment less stressful, you should remember that:

  • A visitor will not be allowed into a gambling establishment if he or she is under the age of 18.
  • f he/she tries to take with him/her cold or firearms or glass objects (e.g. bottles with alcoholic drinks), he/she will be refused entry.
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may not be admitted.
  • You will not be let in if you are in possession of a camera or video camera.

The security guards have the right to search the visitor. If you want to enter a casino, don’t fight your way in. Remember that this is, after all, for your own safety.

When you enter the gambling hall, you will definitely be greeted by a receptionist. Generally, the receptionist will be a pretty girl, who will answer all your questions about the services the gambling establishment can offer you and the rules of certain games, but no more than that. Remember not to flirt and flirt with the staff representatives. They are not allowed to talk to customers on extraneous topics, i.e. to have unnecessary conversations.

Visitors must not disturb the play of others. Therefore, it is not appropriate to talk loudly or to dance to music that is playing in the hall.

It is not allowed not to play. A visitor to the casino can not just come and watch the game of others. An administrator will come up and ask either to bet on Euro Million or to leave the establishment.

It is the visitor’s responsibility to find out the rules of a particular game from the casino staff and to abide by them. In addition, one should inquire about the possibility of playing trial rounds of certain games. Many reputable casinos provide such an opportunity. Only after such a question, you may be allowed to watch others play to understand how to play if there is no opportunity to play a learning round.

Once you have grasped the principles of the game you can sit down at the gaming table, asking permission from the institution’s staff beforehand. You can enter the game by waiting until the next round is over.

At the gaming table try to restrain your own emotions. Do not comment on game situations. Play as quietly as possible. Do not give advice to anyone or ask anyone for advice. This should not be done.

Do not make claims to the dealer, who has no influence on the course of the game.

Do not delay the game by thinking for long periods of time.

It is forbidden to use chips from other gambling establishments, material values, receipts, moreover, verbal promises in order to make a bet. Chips are accepted as a bet only chips of this institution. Chips can be exchanged before a game and then only between rounds.

The dealer has the right to remove your bet in a given round if, after he says “Betting is done!”, you touch the chips and try to take them away or move them around. After a second such attempt you will simply be removed from the table.

As for card games, the following rules apply:

  1. You must not touch the cards until the dealer has dealt them to the players and to himself.
  2. Cards that are dealt face up cannot be touched.
  3. Cards may only be touched with one hand if they are dealt face up.
  4. The cards must not be held below the table, pressed down. Hands with the cards must be on the table.

The game equipment should be handled with care. Cards, chips and other game equipment are usually quite expensive. You will be asked to pay damages.

One last thing: Be aware of your own safety, don’t show that you have a lot of money and don’t allow others to watch you while you are playing, as they might be able to tell you what cards you are holding, for example. Don’t get carried away by the consumption of alcohol. Many casinos may have free bars. These are designed to make it easier for a customer who is intoxicated to part with their money.

In today’s world, people don’t think much about clothing. Democracy has given people the freedom to express themselves by allowing them to wear shorts to a wedding reception and ripped jeans to work. However, the rules of the dress code did not disappear. They continue to exist to this day, sometimes taking an official and sometimes an unspoken form. The highest levels of society pay particular attention to this etiquette. If they were to go to a dinner party, they would not wear sexy clothes that would make them look at least inappropriate, if not ridiculous. The same goes for going to casinos. Despite the fact that such establishments are nowadays open to almost anyone, a self-respecting person would take care to look prestigious and presentable.