Almond oil on skin

Why is almond oil good for skin? Almond oil is rich in the following vitamins and organic compounds: Omega-9 fatty acid. Reduces the risk of acne, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Fatty acid omega-6. Increases skin tone, improves blood circulation, activates the work of mimic muscles. polyunsaturated fatty acids. They fight age-related skin changes, nourish it, prevent sagging.

Vitamin E. Removes harmful radicals from skin cells, fights wrinkles. Vitamin K. Thanks to him, the dermis is saturated with oxygen and nutrients, looks smoother and healthier. Choline. Protects the face from peeling. Magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron. Accelerate metabolic processes. Cleansing oil for washing Indications for use Almond oil is recommended by cosmetologists for use in the following cases: Dryness and fading of the face associated with age-related changes. The need to smooth mimic wrinkles. Weather protection. The abundance of foci of inflammation, acne, acne. Desire to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Rich oil “Siberian rose” How to choose a product? When buying almond oil, you need to be careful not to get a fake. Quality oil is sold in small dark glass bottles. The shelf life is not more than a year. In appearance it is transparent or slightly yellowish. It smells very faintly of nut. There should be no sediment at the bottom of the bottle, this indicates a low quality product. It will not be superfluous to first read the reviews about the manufacturers. How to apply almond oil for face? Before using the product, it is important to test it on your hand in order to identify a possible allergic reaction. Sweet almond cosmetic oil is great for daily facial care.

The easiest way to use is to warm up a little oil and apply it on the face with driving movements, wait 10-15 minutes and wash off the residue. With the help of ether, you can remove cosmetics. It is enough to moisten a cotton pad or a napkin in it and wipe your face from powder, foundation, blush, shadows, eyebrow pencil. Attention! Almond oil can be added to the day cream as an additional nourishing ingredient. With the help of sweet almond ether, you can massage your face. To do this, you need to preheat the product, do a massage with patting movements in random order. The tool is also actively used to care for the skin of the body, hair, nails and cuticles. General instructions for using almond ether for the face When using this remedy at home, it is worth considering a few tips: The ether works better on slightly damp skin than completely dry. Excess means leads to blockage of pores, the appearance of inflammation and black dots. No need to replace almond oil with nourishing cream, they should be used together. The oil is used in courses of 2-4 weeks. It is better to heat the product in a water bath, so it retains more nutrients. Pimples, blackheads or inflammations need to be additionally treated pointwise with a cotton swab. Avoid contact with eyes. Cleansing face cream “Renewal” set Almond oil is included in many cosmetic products and is valued for its beneficial properties. The pure concentrate can be used alone or added to creams, masks or other skin care products. Disclaimer Please note that all information posted on the Prowellness website is provided for informational purposes only and is not a personal program, a direct recommendation for action or medical advice. Do not use these materials for diagnosis, treatment, or any medical procedure. Consult your physician before using any technique or using any product. This site is not a specialized medical portal and does not replace the professional advice of a specialist. The Site Owner is not liable to any party who has suffered indirect or direct damage as a result of misuse of materials posted on this resource.