Rose water at home

Rose is one of the most popular and beautiful beauty products. Many writers, thinkers and poets admired her beauty, but among her admirers there were also healers of all stripes. And the rose deserved such popularity for a reason. I think that many people know about some of the beneficial properties of this flower, as well as about water from rose petals. And many have seen these drugs in pharmacies and their prices. There is a way to get this wonderful tool with your own hands.

DIY rose water

In this article we will tell you how to prepare water from rose petals, as well as tell about its truly magical qualities.

How to make rose water at home

Let’s talk about three ways to prepare it. You can also use dried tea rose petals, which you can buy from us.

1. Tincture of rose petals. Take 3 tablespoons of rose petals (fresh), put them in a hermetically sealed vessel and pour 200 g of boiling water, close and let it brew for about 12 hours.

2. Decoctions of rose petals. Arrange the petals on the bottom of the pan in 2 – 3 layers, fill them with water (so that the water covers the petals) and put on fire, bring to a boil and leave to boil over low heat, covered with a lid for 5 – 7 minutes. After the broth has cooled, strain it.

3. As in the second method, place the petals in a saucepan and fill them with water, only in this case you still need to put a jar (the height of the edges should be 2-3 cm higher than the water level in the saucepan), cover the saucepan with an inverted lid. Wait until the water boils, and leave on low heat for 1 hour. Put a little ice on the lid. Periodically you will need to add water and ice. The steam will condense on the lid and flow into the jar, and it will be in it that the rose water will be ready.

How to make rose petal tonic

Rose water properties
Rose water is extremely beneficial for the skin of the face and not only. It produces a tonic effect on the skin, thereby making it more elastic and healthy not only externally, but also internally, it also cleans pores very well and can be used as a tonic and lotion. It also contains substances that moisturize and make the skin more velvety.

Rose water properties

Application of rose water
1. Rose water can be frozen and used as a thermal remedy to tone the skin. Also, this procedure invigorates well in the morning.

2. Mix two tablespoons of rose water with a tablespoon of rosehip leaves, a spoonful of liquid honey and a tablespoon of yogurt with a small

percentage of fat. Apply the resulting mixture on your face and keep it on for twenty minutes. This mask is well suited for combination skin.

3. You can also make a good mask for cleansing pores from rose water. Just by mixing two tablespoons of oatmeal and five tablespoons of rose water. Apply the prepared mixture on your face and leave for 20 minutes, then simply rinse with summer water.

4. Also a good addition will be a mask of rose water, barley flour to smooth wrinkles. Mix rose water with barley flour until a semolina-like mixture forms. Apply it on your face and wait half an hour, after the time has elapsed, rinse with warm water.

5. There is also a mask with a whitening and moisturizing effect based on rose water and cucumber juice. We mix 2 tablespoons of rose water and the same amount of cucumber juice, add one tablespoon of cream there and apply to the skin, wait 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

6. Rose water lotion is very useful. Mix a glass of rose water, half a teaspoon of soda, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sour juice. Mix well and everything – the lotion is ready.

7. Also, with the help of rose water, you can strengthen your sleep by simply sprinkling pillows and sheets with rose water and you will have a sound sleep.

8. Lastly, rose water fights irritation well, so it can be applied after shaving or depilation.