How to dress in casinos: new dress code rules in gambling venues

The casino atmosphere in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau has always been associated with luxury, glamour and elaborate attire, though over time dress code requirements began to soften, and especially when there was nowhere else to wear dresses and all gaming moved online.

The relaxed home lifestyle began to affect all areas, including the gaming industry. It’s nice to sit at home in your pants and play poker, roulette, Book of Ra or bet on sports, for example, and not worry about the stain from spilled wine on a white shirt. Would you want to step out of your comfort zone again when you go to an offline casino? Worrying about which bag to go with your new evening gown or which cufflinks to match your next shirt… Definitely not. That’s why casinos around the world are beginning to relax the rules regarding dress code. In this article, let’s look at what’s appropriate these days and what’s still not.

Dress code for women

For women, going to a casino has long been an excuse to splurge on a spectacular new dress and heels. If you don’t feel like dressing up for the red carpet, there’s a win-win compromise: Combine elegance with comfort.

A casual maxi dress or pencil skirt would be great, a dress with a floral print and low-heeled sandals would work in summer. Flat shoes are also appropriate – it could be pumps, ballerinas or boots, but not trainers and sneakers. If you want to look like a Hollywood diva, a cocktail dress in a classic colour: black, dark red or navy is always welcome. Gold or silver is acceptable, but not too shiny. Add a few pieces of jewellery that perfectly match the outfit to complete the look.

How to pick the right wardrobe

The concept of ‘dress code’ is already firmly embedded in our lives. We are confronted with it every day: going to work we observe the office dress code, for a club party there is a club dress code, nightclub requires a disco dress code and business event has a corporate dress code. The list goes on and on, as there are many events and activities in our lives.

And if you are going to visit a casino, do not forget the rules of the dress code of this interesting and peculiar institution and prepare your wardrobe for strict and sophisticated casino style. Exactly what you should wear depends on the level of the place you’re visiting. The more upscale the casino is, the more demands you should make on your guests and their attire as it accentuates the luxury of the place. The casinos are the place where the visitors are treated with the utmost care and attention and are greeted by their clothes.

It’s also important to note that the casino dress code is decided by the players themselves who want to look on par with or above the other patrons. It’s also easy to judge your ability to pay by the way you look and the clothes you wear, which is very important in a casino.

We will not be talking about the small local casinos where status is not an issue and the focus is on making a profit. Such establishments do not strive to maintain a global standard. Regardless, the first rule of the casino dress code is that clothing should be clean, neat and not vulgar. The style is preferably austere and elegant. For men, it is a dinner jacket or a two or three-piece suit. Harmony in dress and appearance is also important. If an expensive suit from the world’s major fashion houses looks out of place, a casino visit is unlikely.

One of the most important elements of any outfit, shoes have a huge impact on your appearance. Furthermore, shoes are the first thing that face control will look at. Forget the trainers. Elegant shoes are more suitable for casinos.

Interestingly, the dress code varies slightly from casino to casino around the world. European casinos, for example, are reverent about tradition and etiquette, and going to a casino is tantamount to a social event. When visiting famous casinos such as the Admiral Bohemia in Prague, the Hilton in Budapest, the Grand Casino in Barcelona, the Baden-Baden, be prepared for a chic and high status for both guests and the casino itself. For example, men should wear a dinner jacket and women should dress in silk and lace.

Las Vegas casinos, on the other hand, are lined with players in jeans and T-shirts. But that’s more likely to be the case in a slot machine or a small casino without a global name. Some of the casinos in Las Vegas have sophisticated atmosphere and standards of dress, although not up to the European level. A man without a jacket is not allowed in such an establishment. Women in such institutions are sure to be in evening gowns.

Casinos in Atlantic City, too, do not differ particularly strict dress code. You can visit the gaming rooms, even in a cowboy hat, but for a restaurant, club or lounge bar need a suit and at least dress “for a cocktail.

Eastern casinos are very quirky and especially their love of tradition. Macau casinos, for instance, are only for the upscale crowd, so freedom of dress is not an option. High class venues will insist on your being appropriately dressed. Women are expected to wear expensive and elegant jewellery and the rest of the outfit is expected to compliment the rest of the outfit.

While casinos are conservative, the strictness of the casino dress code has relaxed somewhat in recent years. The bottom line for any casino has always been, and remains, the profit they make from their players.