Lightening hair at home

The path to luxurious blonde strands is through hair bleaching.
lightening hair at home bleached long hair dark roots
Lightening your hair and going blonde is a great way to try on a new look. Can you lighten your hair at home? Of course. Will the result be good? Now, this is a big question.

It is important to remember that blonding is not an easy procedure. You can do it yourself if you can’t visit a professional colorist. But you must prepare and be confident in your abilities.

Lightening hair at home: how not to harm curls

Let’s start with the fact that clarification can be done with natural ingredients or with the help of an oxidizing agent.

Lightening hair at home folk remedies

The use of natural ingredients is practically harmless to hair. But the result will be barely noticeable.

Natural dyes can only slightly change the shade of the strands. These include lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, chamomile decoction. These products are suitable mainly for light and blond hair.

Lightening hair at home
If you have dark hair, natural lightening is not suitable. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock
Do you have brown, brown, black or dark blonde hair? Then, to obtain beautiful light shades, you will need to bleach your hair chemically.

Lightening hair at home: preparation

Have you decided to completely change the shade? Or maybe make a balayazh or shatush? Then it is worth nourishing and restoring the hair before the procedure. Tips for intensive hair care you can find not only on this site.

Where to start preparing for clarification?

First, replace your regular shampoo with a deep moisturizing shampoo.
Moisture-saturated strands are less prone to breakage after bleaching.


Editor’s tip: For example, you can take a shampoo for dry and damaged hair. The product consists of 80% decoction of medicinal herbs. In addition, it contains burdock oil and chamomile extract. It provides comprehensive care for the scalp and hair. Firstly, burdock oil penetrates deep into the hair, restoring it along its entire length. And secondly, chamomile extract gives shine and softness. Pair it with a balm from the same series for an enhanced effect.

Make a course of oil masks

Using oils is an inexpensive and quick way to prepare your strands for bleaching. And also for the subsequent coloring. Do you have porous or brittle hair? Choose more fatty oils. For example, castor or burdock. And also try to do at least 3-4 procedures.

Carefully approach the choice of clarifying powder or oxidizer and paint

First, read reviews online. Secondly, study the composition. Understand the possible side effects of using the dye. Thirdly, before bleaching, do a strand test and an allergic reaction test. To do this, you need to apply a little money on the skin on the elbow or wrist.

Lightening hair at home: choosing a clarifier

There are many ways to lighten hair. What are the most popular ones? These are paints with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in various forms of release.

  • Lightening hair at home
  • Blond hair is always in trend. So is healthy hair.

Illuminating powder

Why not use a bleaching powder? It can be purchased from a professional store. Use powder to bleach strands. And then apply a tinting agent to obtain the desired shade.

Brightening paste

Another popular remedy for lightening hair is paste. Not only bleaching agents are often added to its formula. But also nutritional components. Therefore, the product allows you to maintain the quality of the hair during lightening. There are also pastes with a more aggressive composition. They are suitable for owners of coarse dark hair.

Hair lightening cream

Many hairdressers and fans of home coloring use cream to lighten their hair. The cream combines caring and bleaching functions. But it has a rather mild formula. He can lighten dark hair only a few tones. Want to achieve more noticeable results? Mix cream with oxidizer. Just remember to keep the proportions. Otherwise, you can damage your hair.

It is important to remember that the hair after the clarifier will be a light yellow or reddish hue. It depends on the original hair color. In any case, the hair will have to be tinted. Blonding powder is not used to obtain the final shade.